OpenPGP_Applet - GNOME applet for OpenPGP text encryption

OpenPGP_Applet is a GNOME applet written in Perl that allows encryption and decryption of the clipboard's content with a symmetric cipher using a passphrase. This is a graphical front-end on top of GnuPG.

Asymmetric decryption and clipboard verification are also supported.

Formerly a part of Tails, the Anonymous Incognito Live System, now available as a separate project as well.

This website is quite minimal, but you can find user documentation with screenshot on Tails wiki. Please refer to the README file for installation if you don't use the Debian Package.


Development takes place as a git repository hosted on the same server than Tails itself :

Contact Information:

You can contact us using the OpenPGP Applet Mailing list on Alioth OpenPGP Applet Mailing list on

Bugs reports and features requests should be made on the Tails Issue Tracker, with "OpenPGP Applet" as "affected tool".


The releases are below, in the releases directory, and also now also in Debian: OpenPGP Applet package.

Tarballs are signed, currently with key 0x30E674676859C8AD, available on SKS keyservers pool (Fingerprint : 0663 9AFA A76D 6B48 0169 7088 30E6 7467 6859 C8AD).

Each release is also tagged in the repository (see above) with the same key (or the key of a Tails developer).


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